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Have you ever heard of the famous online trading websites in Indonesia such as Lazada, Tokopedia or Bukalapak?

Have you ever imagined how much profit they have?

Do you know how many visitors their website every day?

Founder of Lazada.com, Fung Fuk Lestario has said that online trading business or e-commerce in Indonesia is still very tempting. in 1 day visitor Lazada.com site can reach 7 million people, Fung predicts the e-commerce turnover can increase every year, from Rp200 million to Rp1 billion or five times “The market share in Indonesia is still wide open,” he said. This is reasonable considering Indonesia is the country’s six largest internet users in the world in 2017, which is as many as 112.6 million people. Means about 43% of the total population of Indonesia that is 262 million people have been using the internet. The number is expected to continue to grow to 123 million people in 2018.

Based on survey, it proves that online business market share through the website provide the widest opportunity for businesses to market their products by online method. You may imagine how many turnover of your product sales if sold through e-commerce. Not only that with the increasing number of internet users in Indonesia, proving that the use of internet facilities such as e-commerce has become part of the needs of the people of Indonesia.

The unique features that is provided by e-commerce such as various payment method, shopping chart, product category, return & exchange, voucher, discount, cash on delivery, free shipping cost, live chat and tracking order are considered more practical by consumers especially in terms of time, it is the reason that e-commerce is preferred over conventional shopping.


These features will not be designed without the role of technology in it. The technology is called Hypertext Preprocessor or better known by the term PHP is a programming language that is widely used for handling the creation and development of a website and can be combined with HTML, javascript and some Content Management System such as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress. PHP was created by Rasmus Lerdorf first in 1994. At first, PHP stands for “Personal Home Page Tools”. And it changed to FI (“Forms Interpreter”). Since version 3.0, the name of this language has been changed to “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor” with the abbreviation “PHP”. The latest version of PHP is the 5th version. Based on the Netcraft survey in December 1999, more than a million websites use PHP, among them are NASA, Mitsubishi, and RedHat.

Role of PHP Company

PHP technology usage cannot be separated from the role of PHP company and the developers therein. That’s because if the PHP company and the developer you are going to do your website project is not competent, then the result in the can is your project will fail

Some examples of cases found in web application creation by unprofessional developers / PHP Company:

1. Many error messages are found, some functions are not working properly.
2. Existing features are not inappropriate with agreement.
3. Project is not finished, developer/PHP company is not responsible.

How to choose Trustable PHP Company?

It is therefore important for you to selectively choose a reliablePHP company. Do not be easily tempted by cheap offers, make sure you know the portfolio of projects they work on, how their teamwork system and so on Here are tips on choosing a PHP company that can be trusted:.
1. Analyze the website of the service provider.
2. Learn company profile service provider website creation services.
3. Notice the testimonials of website creation service providers.
4. Learn the features.
5. Make sure you get warranty and consultation.
6. Make sure you get website maintenance.
7. Web development that has a good reputation.

Smooets is the best solution to begin your own business.

The answer above tips is Smooets Technology Outsourcing. Since its establishment 9 years ago. Smooets has been working on various web projects for both inside and outside the country. Using our Service allows you to get free support for 1 month and change requests for 50 hours. You may consult our project coordinator during the project process.


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