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Digital Agency and Programmer Outsourcing Company, How Can They Work Together?

Defining digital agency and programmer outsourcing

Marketing and programming are the two different fields that need each other and are always needed in today’s business standards. 

A software is only useful when people actually use it, and to get people to use it you need help from a marketing partner such as a digital agency company.

On the other hand, a digital agency campaign is pointless without a proper infrastructure such as websites or apps to support it.

Then, how can they meet in the middle and gain benefits from each other?

A digital agency is an agency that focuses on providing creative and technical strategy to market your business in the digital world, instead of in the real world.

A programmer (or IT) outsourcing company is a company that provides software development services for their clients, in other word, it’s where others can outsource their software development projects to.

While digital agencies usually provide a software development service as well, it’s often limited to a simple website or app development. 

Problems could come up when the digital agency client needs a large or complex software for their campaign, what could a programmer outsourcing do to help them?

How can they work together

As mentioned above, a digital agency is often capable of handling a simple web or apps development project, but often not when handling larger or complex software development. Digital agency can work together with a programmer outsourcing company on cases like these:

1. Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team Services

One of the reasons why a digital company couldn’t handle a large-scale project is their lack of resources. Generally, a large-scale project required multiple developers, designer, tester, and many other teams for a long period of time.

Hiring a new in-house team or freelancers sure are options, but the complicated hiring process and various risks of hiring freelancers are not comparable to the benefits of hiring a dedicated team from a programmer outsourcing company. 

Or what we would call here an “Extended Team” method.

Similarly, a programmer outsourcing company could also hire a digital agency to better promote their software or company.

2. Website Improvement & Optimization

Website Improvement Optimization Services

A good digital agency should know the importance of a website for business, including their own website.

As one of the ways to attract new clients, a digital agency’s own website should be improved not only in terms of design but also performance, user experience, and features.

One important thing to look out for is that aligning marketing and programming goals could be a challenge. To overcome such challenges, an extensive and transparent collaboration is your best solution.

3. Custom Web & Apps Development

Custom Web - Apps Development Services

Now and then, clients may request custom software for their specific needs, and similar to the first problem above, a digital agency usually does not have the resources.

In this case, instead of hiring a dedicated team from a programmer outsourcing company, the agency could hand over the custom software development directly to the outsourcing company.

By handing over the project, the digital agency would have a better opportunity to focus on their own expertise.


The value of working together is all about collaboration and knowing each other’s strengths and weaknesses. We have worked with various companies that understand this kind of value, and the result of working together with them is excellent.

We also mentioned “Extended Team” and “handing over the project”, if you’re unfamiliar with outsourcing or Smooets, those are our two methods of collaboration. You can learn more about how we work right here.

Don’t be afraid to ask us if you have any questions regarding our article, collaboration method, or your software development project! CONTACT US

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