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Outsourcing or Offshoring Work: The New Business Trend in 2017

Outsourcing or Offshoring Work.

Indonesia has emerged as the ultimate IT/programmer outsourcing destination. Many companies from Europe comes to Indonesia to get their job done. Smooets and Walden Global Services is one of the best offshore service providers of IT services. Today various companies, from all the corners of the world, want to get their work done without going through needless office ordeals, so outsourcing or offshoring has caught their attention.

There are many benefits of outsourcing work. Few reasons to outsource work are:

Improving the company’s focus.

Companies can focus on the main problem and strategies while some implementation of daily tasks handed over to a third party, so it would be more profitable for the company if it handed over the management of information technology to companies that have specialized or have an expertise in the field of information technology. With the increased focus on its core business, the company will also be able to further enhance the core competence.

Leveraging world-class capability.

In general, outsource providers has a considerable experience working with clients in solving problems that may be similar or nearly identical. So the company will have a system that has a world-class excellence in its field.

Accelerate the benefits of re-engineering.

Improve processes in your own company to emulate standard world-class companies is very difficult and needs a very long time. More and more companies are overcoming this by outsourcing in order to get immediate results and of course, without risks.

Share the risk.

If all the activities carried out by the company itself, all the investment needed for each activity must be carried out by the company itself as well. If some of the company’s activities contracted out to a third party, then the risk will be shared as well.

Your Own resources may be used for other needs.

Companies certainly have limitations in resources. The challenge is constantly to be faced is that these resources must always be used to take advantage of the areas that are most profitable.

Obtain resources that are not its own.

Companies need to outsource to a specific activity because the companies do not have the resources needed to carry out these activities properly and adequately.


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