Here Are The Types Of Hackers Based On The Action

Tuesday July 7

Website managers must be serious in protecting their data and website security. Because, as simple as any business and website agenda, data protection must remain maximal to be protected from attacks by hackers.

As is known, a hacker is someone who does hacking behavior. Meanwhile, hacking is an illegal activity in the digital world where attempts at information theft and system tampering occur by modifying system features. Hacking can also be done by looking for gaps from the security wall that has been built.

The types of hackers will be explained in the following description:

a. White Hat Hacker

The existence of White Hat Hackers or White Hat Hackers is less told, even not at all popular. They usually work to help you or anyone who needs to fight the evil hackers. Forms of resistance include removing viruses, Trojans, malware, and other disorders that can damage network systems and computers. They are also good at finding security loopholes in the system to provide solutions to destructive hacking.

White hat hackers also often work in many companies to test the security of networks and computer systems. With his expertise, he was given the confidence to access private matters about access to certain networks, but not to steal data, but to report all findings and results that help. This hacker must also be able to ensure that the company's computer network is protected to the maximum so that it is prevented from annoying hackers.

b. Black Hat Hacker

Black Hat Hackers or crackers usually hunt for companies that are careless or weak in terms of security and data protection. These hackers then undermined the network and system and look for profit gaps such as stealing money or using a company's credit card.

Many companies have a lot of hassles in dealing with Black Hat Hackers, so they are competing to protect themselves by hiring experts, to entrust corporate data security to White Hat Hackers. Crackers are included in criminal activities and must be immediately arrested to prevent the rise of harmful hacking.

c. Gray Hat Hacker

This type of hacker is in the middle position, that's why even the term color is gray. They are not like White Hat hackers who are given access permission by someone or company for positive purposes. These types are also not like Black Hat haters who use their expertise for the crime.

So what does Gray Hat Hacker do? They are like someone who is looking for attention, showing off until the ability test. The access security data and networks of people or companies without permission, then make trouble for their satisfaction.

Gray Hat Hacker is the most sought after by the media, although its prestige is not as important as Black Hat Hacker. Once satisfied, they will invite the victim to fix everything they have messed up. But hackers of this type have no intention of stealing data for money or credit cards.

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