PASKOMNAS – eCommerce for Agricultural Product

Monday September 18

Since June 2016, Paskomnas has launched new eCommerce for Agricultural Product, which will become online central market, they will be ready to fulfill people’s need especially in Jabodetabek and Surabaya. Many kind vegetables, fruits, herb and spices, are sold in Paskomnas’s site. We may think that price will be more expensive than modern market. Well, You no need to be worry, since Paskomnas’s site has offered lower price than other modern markets with good and fresh product as sell in modern market. Paskomnas guarantee that good and fresh products quality will be received by customer in one day.

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Artificial Intelligence is One Of Solution For Your Business

Monday September 25

Nowadays information technology have penetrated into the business field. Application of information technology has been applied to national companies and private companies. Some of technology’s  applications has  caused a new habits in the business field. Almost all business activities have involved technological progress in it. One of the technologies that being used on the business field is Artificial Intelligence, because this technology is considered capable to replace some works that is done by humans, they are: business planning, market trend prediction, sales trends, and business strategy creation. Moreover, Artificial Intelligence technology

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The Best PHP Company for Your Business Growth

Wednesday October 4

Have you ever heard of the famous online trading websites in Indonesia such as Lazada, Tokopedia or Bukalapak? Have you ever imagined how much profit they have? Do you know how many visitors their website every day?

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Scrum Programming: What is and How To Do

Saturday May 13

Several cases above are familiar to be heard especially for software developer. The demands and pressures from client and there is no support from team members who provide a way out for the problems they face, is a nightmare they have. Many developers who finally give up because there is no way out to solve the problem. As a result the project is failed, client will be angry, the worst condition is if client ask for compensation / claim. Then is disadvantages can be finished just by apologize? Of course it is totally NO.

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Let’s Open Up Your Opportunity By Digital Startup

Monday October 16

Did you know that Kaskus is initially as forums with Rent Server fee is only IDR 30.000, Now it becomes the largest number one community portal in Indonesia. And finally, Kaskus becomes professional company under PT. Darta Media Indonesia. After that investors began to arrive. For example, Google Inc. has offered 475 billion rupiahs to Kaskus. But Andrew Darwis, as CEO of Kaskus, is prefers investors from Indonesia.

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