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Modernizing Education Consulting Website and System

2. Education Consulting Website And SystemAbout the project

Education consulting websites or industries aren’t the type of thing you see or hear about everyday. Unless you’re someone who wants to continue your education abroad but doesn’t know where to start, because that’s generally what our client is dealing with.

While it isn’t the type of thing you see or hear about everyday, from a business perspective it is still an obligation to make your website attractive, easy to use, and up to date for the customers.

Aware of such an obligation, our client understood that they must update their old and static education consulting website into a more modern and responsive one. The goals are none other than to attract new customers, partners, and be better than the competitors.

Also, as a professional consulting education company, they wanted to transform their conventional administrative system into a digital/online system, so the employees here in Indonesia can manage the students who are studying abroads more easily.

3. professional consulting education company

Challenges to solve

Every project is not without its unique quirks and challenges, for this one we’ve faced two unique challenges from one of the project requirements: the CMS (Content Management System)—because fortunately the main education consulting website didn’t have any major challenges.

Inside the CMS, the employees can do all kinds of work, for example: managing student applicants data, payment history, partners data, monthly report, website management, and many other stuff.

All of these features created a set of complex and dynamic data relationship within the system that exposed two of these challenges to the project:

  1. How to maintain the CMS performance when these complex and large data is being processed by low end devices?
  2. How to prevent the employees from deleting important data that can damage the system?

4. Challenges to solve - Education Consulting System

Solution for challenge no. 1

To solve challenge number one we have to understand one of the causes. The CMS was built with Livewire, a framework used to speed up the development process. 

This framework really helped the development process, but Livewire has its own native “event handler”—a collection of code used to handle events, such as when every time a button is pressed or data is uploaded—but these event handlers were ineffective when dealing with complex data, which caused the performance drop.

The solution was to look inside the framework, replacing these ineffective Livewire codes with custom JavaScript codes, and the result was a noticeable performance increase in low end devices.

5. Solution for challenge - Education Consulting System

Solution for challenge no. 2

For challenge number two, it’s a challenge for both development and design. Which is why we approached it from both perspectives.

The approach from design was simple: create a pronounced confirmation dialog box with clear and concise wording everytime users want to delete important data. 

From the developer perspective, we created a “soft deletion system”, when users somehow delete an important data it goes into a “recycle bin” instead of the data being gone permanently. 

Both solutions increased employees’ caution and awareness of the importance of the data before they interacted with it.

Project Summary

6. Table of Education Consulting Website & System


At the start we mentioned that our client wanted to transform their conventional education consulting system into a digital/online system, and that’s exactly what we did. Other than challenges and key features mentioned above, we also successfully developed this education consulting company with their:

  • Income & commission administrative system
  • Automatic invoice document generator
  • Data visualization system for reporting

Into a more modern and centralized system, resulting in increased work productivity and effectiveness.

7. Resulting In Increased Work Productivity & Effectiveness - Edu

Working with clients from unfamiliar industries such as education consulting was a great experience and helped us learn a lot of new things. 

Follow us or contact us to learn more about our programmer outsourcing method, services, and other case studies.

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