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Save your time, money, and effort. Let us solve your company’s application and website challenges like we’ve been doing for the past 7 years.

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Smooets is a passionate team that strives to give you the best collaboration and development experience.

Our programming outsourcing methods have solved our client’s challenges from the US, Canada, Singapore, France, Australia, and many other countries allowing our clients to expand and focus more on their business every day.

We are a team of 50+ people that have developed 150+ projects across industries and countries. Whether you’re an entrepreneur from Indonesia, a startup in North America, or a big company in Europe, we are always ready to help build your web and mobile application.

Our Services

Smooets three main services will cover your every digital needs. From developing simple website, solving enterprise challenges, and to market brand across the internet.

Web Development

Develop your own unique website. Solve business challenges, disrupt the competition, or strengthen your branding together along Smooets experienced web developers.

Mobile Development

Develop your ideas and innovation right into everyone’s hand. Enable new business opportunities on Android, iOS, or both platforms at the same time with Smooets mobile developers team.

Digital Marketing Solution

Reach more customers. Connect with more potential customers through better social media strategy, high SEO rankings, and effective online ads from Smooets digital marketing team.

How We Work

Fixed Bid

A collaboration method where the project requirements, time, cost, and scope are fixed and agreed before the project starts. We manage majority of the project but your involvement is still necessary.

Extended Team

A collaboration method where the project requirements, time, cost, and scope are not entirely defined and flexible to change after the project starts. We provide a dedicated team for you to hire and help with your project.

What We Have Built

Company Profile
Business Enterprise
Lifestyle & Entertainment
Custom Software

Our Expertise

Each one of our expertises is the results of many years and projects we have built.
Now they are ready for you to choose.

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