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How AI Can Streamline Website Design and Development Process (+Free AI Tools)

AI is one of the technologies that’ll inevitably become more advanced in the future, and can even define what kind of future we’ll be in. Is the future where we can build a website by just describing what it looks like? Because that already exists right now.

What about AI right now? To answer the question of how AI can help website development and design process let’s first learn more about what are the roles of AI in web development?

Role of AI in Web Development


Role of AI in Web Development

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a technology that can make decisions and learn based on experience. In the field of web development, AI can be used to automate tasks that are repetitive and boring (like gathering information from different sources).

The roles of AI in general during web development include:

  • Reducing human error

AI algorithms are able to analyze and process vast amounts of data, identify patterns and trends, and make decisions based on that information. This means that AI can automatically detect and fix coding errors, suggest design improvements, and even generate entire website layouts with minimal human input.


  • Increasing efficiency and productivity

By automating many of the time-consuming and repetitive tasks involved in the development process, AI can free up developers to focus on more high-level, creative work.

AI can also help to streamline the development process by suggesting improvements and optimizations based on data analysis. This can save developers the time and effort of manually testing and implementing various solutions. 


  • Drives innovations

We have seen how various industries use chatbots, recommendation systems, and many more AI implementations in their website. By implementing such features they will have much more new data, new opportunities, and innovations to grow their business.

Overall, the integration of AI into the web development workflow can help developers to get more done in less time, while also improving the quality and accuracy of their work. 

Before we get into the details of how AI can help in web development, let us ask you this “Will AI replace web developers?”.


Will AI Replace Web Developers?

Will AI replace web developers?

It’s a hard question to answer and the answer depends on who you asked. For us it’s a maybe, as the potential is there, but replacing human web developers means the AI has to understand the nuances of project requirements, client requests, user experiences, and much more.

Right now, in the software development world, AI is good at doing specific and repetitive tasks.

But if we ever come to a time where AI can understand human nuances and business values we’d say that the question becomes irrelevant as most jobs would get replaced by AI already. 

What’s your opinion?


How Can AI Help Web Development Process

How can AI help web development process

In the previous section we mentioned that AI can reduce human errors and increase productivity, but how exactly can AI do those things? If we start from the beginning to the end of software development life cycle (SDLC), AI can help with things like:

  • Analysis large amount of competitors data after doing competitor analysis with web scraping
  • Improving project cost & time estimation accuracy based on previous projects, online data, and more
  • Automating code reviews & performance optimization using, eliminating the need for repetitive human-driven tests
  • Improving security approach or prevention during development through automated assessment against known vulnerabilities
  • Automating repetitive deployment or DevOps process
  • Better with predicting users behaviour

And much more things that are essentially—like we said—reduce human errors and increase productivity. But web development is more than coding and testing, you can’t forget the creative design and content inside the website.

Because AI doesn’t only do boring and repetitive tasks, it can also get “creative” and help designers or content creators with their work in a website.


AI In Web Design

Being an important part in the whole web development process, it’s not strange that AI can also assist this process.

  • Improving UX

UX or user experience is about creating a good experience when users visit your website or app. 

For a long time AI has been doing this through implementations such as chatbot and personalized recommendation.

  • Optimizing UI

UI design is about creating the best user interface appearance and functionality. 

To know what pieces of design, images, and pages are good you need actual data, and with AI it can collect and analyze large amounts of data then the designers can extract to create a better UI design.

  • Diagnostic Tool

While UI/UX design always changes, there are still standards to follow such as Google SEO and W3C guidelines. 

Using AI you can effectively cut the need for some repetitive tasks like manual A/B testing, manual SEO analysis, and much more.


AI In Content Creation

Creating content is the necessary step while and after the website/app is created, and similar to how AI can help designer by its capability to gather and analyze data, it can also help content writer with:

  • Better Personalization

To create personalized content you need to know more about your customers, and—again—like how AI can help designers, we can extend its power to not only analyze and improve designs but also email, social media content, and more.

The results? You can get better engagement and possibly more leads.

  • Natural Language Generation

From email, news articles, social media captions, to even video scripts you can now create them with the help of AI  that have Natural Language Generation tools—which we will mention later—and get results in an instant.

The result is not always perfect, but it definitely helps as now you can create content guidelines or framework for the AI and the AI will then create the content for you.


AI Website Builder

AI website builders generate custom website layouts and designs based on user parameters and preferences. These tools offer speed and efficiency, creating professional-quality websites in a matter of hours

AI website builders also offer a level of customization and personalization, generating unique designs tailored to the user’s specific needs and preferences. 




Wix ADI stands for Artificial Design Intelligence. The goal of Wix ADI is to simplify the process of creating websites and mobile apps, while making it easier for you to get the results you want.

To do this they analyze your business requirements, objectives, audience and competition. Then use this information to generate design ideas for your website or app. These ideas are automatically adjusted based on your feedback until you reach consensus on the best possible solution.




Bookmark is an AI website builder tool that offers a similar set of features as Wix ADI, but with a different approach as you will always have AiDA (Artificial Intelligence Design Assistant) baked into the website, providing you suggestions and optimizations.



AI Programming Tools

AI-assisted programming tools are revolutionizing the way that developers approach coding and software development. These tools use artificial intelligence to provide real-time suggestions, alerts, and even code completion, reducing the time and effort required to complete a project.

GitHub Copilot

GItHub Copilot

GitHub CoPilot is an “AI pair programming tool” developed by GitHub and OpenAI that helps programmers to write code more efficiently and accurately. It works by providing real-time suggestions and alerts as the programmer types, helping them to avoid errors and write better code.




Snyk is a tool that allows developers to test their code for known vulnerabilities.One of the most important benefits of using Snyk is that it helps programmers find vulnerabilities in their code before they’re released into production. This reduces the risk of introducing security holes into your application or website, which can be costly to fix later on.


AI Content Creation

One of the main benefits of using AI content creation tools is their speed and efficiency. Rather than spending hours or even days creating and fine-tuning content, these tools can generate professional-quality results in a matter of minutes. Like any other AI tools, remember to check and verify the results.



Copy.ai is a content-writing platform that helps you create high-quality, targeted content at scale. You can use Copy.ai to write blog posts, emails, social media posts, and more—and it will automatically optimize your copy based on the audience you target and the keywords they search for.

If you can tell, this description is written using copy.ai itself by entering the following prompt.




We feel that we have to include ChatGPT into this list even though it is not created as content creation tool. You can definitely use it to assist your content creation process.

We asked ChatGPT “Can you help content marketers with their content creation process?”, and it responded with:


But keep in mind that ChatGPT can’t access the internet, and as always with these AI tools you have to verify the information it gave you.


Final Takeaway

The countless potential of AI in web development or software development in general has and will greatly alter the way of how we build software. While the software developer job is far from being replaced by AI, the growing need for automation to better software have us built these amazing AI tools that could be the seed for future sophisticated AI technology.

Until AI can understand the dynamic in software development projects, understand business values, and lead dozens of programmers, most of the software development jobs still fall to us humans.

If you’d like to build websites or mobile apps with experienced humans and also for humans, then consider talking to our team right here!

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