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PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a server-side scripting language commonly used for web development. It’s known for its flexibility, ease of use, and ability to create dynamic and interactive web pages. PHP code is embedded within HTML, allowing developers to generate dynamic content, interact with databases, manage sessions, handle forms, and perform various other tasks crucial for web development.

One example of a major website that uses PHP is Facebook. Facebook’s backend is largely built on PHP, including its core functionalities such as user authentication, data storage, and content delivery. Facebook’s PHP codebase has evolved over the years, and it utilizes various PHP frameworks and technologies to handle its massive user base and complex functionalities.

Smooets Teknologi Outsourcing has extensive experience in PHP development, enabling them to tackle projects of various scales and complexities. They specialize in developing custom web solutions using PHP, ranging from corporate websites and e-commerce platforms to complex web applications. With their expertise, Smooets Teknologi Outsourcing is capable of delivering high-quality PHP solutions that meet the specific requirements and goals of their clients.