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7 Best React Templates in Themeforest For Your Inspiration

7 Best React Templates in Themeforest For Your Inspiration

React provides developers many ways to enhance the development experience, such as faster and more effective development, and React templates provide exactly that. it is to create, share, and customize UI templates for multiple platforms at once.

Let’s go back a bit and remember what is React

What is React?

React is one of the most—or even maybe the most popular—JavaScript libraries used for building websites and mobile apps user interfaces (UIs). React allows developers to create reusable components that can be rendered on the page and updated dynamically in response to user actions and changes in data.

Read more about React libraries.


React Templates

React templates are sets of “ready-to-use” React code that allow you to build dynamic user interfaces.

7 Best React Templates in Themeforest

Before we begin, an important thing to note is that we aren’t promoting or affiliated with themeforest or any of the template creators, we just like to share a few of the cool React templates to inspire you on your project! So, let’s begin.



Metronic is the number result if you search “React Template” in Themeforest. It is a popular admin dashboard template since 2013, with great compatibility with many modern web frameworks other than React such as Angular, Vue, Laravel, and even Spring.

One of the most interesting features they presented is their “20+ crafted dashboards with rich data visualization”, which consists of various dashboards using 100+ widgets for ecommerce, social, POS, and much more purposes.

React Template - Metronic


Vuexy is another popular React admin dashboard template, currently residing in number two in themeforest for ‘bestsellers’ category. Right off the bat they promise “Best selling, production ready, carefully crafted, extensive admin template”.

In one of their pages, they showed what framework and libraries they’re using for the template, like the example below for React:

React template - Vuexy



Skote is another admin template on this list, but you won’t find it on the themeforest “bestsellers” category because Skote is currently the number one in the “best rated” category.

Other than your regular admin dashboard template features, we noticed that they also have features such as social authentication, Reactstrap, multi-language support, and many more.

React template - Skote



Following Skote in the same “best rated” React template category, Tunis is not an admin template, instead it’s marketed as a personal portfolio template.

On their features page they claimed Tunis to be responsive, clean, fast, and also developer friendly—for the people who want to modify it themselves—which is great if you need to showcase your work in creative ways.

React template - Tunis



Back to the “bestsellers” category we have Pages, and would you guess that it’s another admin template. But we wouldn’t include this one without reasons, because Pages has some interesting things to check out.

Such as their “pixel perfect material design icons” remade for web and dashboard, their content readability feature for dashboards, and also they’re the only one in this list who has Discord server for support.’

React template - Pages



Moving on from admin dashboard templates, we have a React landing page templates which they claimed to be “the #1 best selling React landing templates” in themeforest.

Looking at their features such as 30+ landing page design variations, superfast rendering with NextJS, and hundreds of components increasing its customization, this template is definitely worth a look.

React template - Superprops



From the same creator as SuperProps, they also created PickBazar, which is an ecommerce template for React, and can be implemented for the storefront website and the admin dashboard.

As well as using React, according to their themeforest page, PickBazar is also developed with TypeScript, GraphQL, NextJS, NestJs, Tailwind CSS, and Headless UI.

TypeScript is the number one alternative language for JavaScript in React development, do you know why?

React template - PickBazar



Credit to each respective team who created all the amazing templates, we recommend you to visit their pages to check out their own interactive demo and more stuff that we can’t include in this article.

So, what are you going to do after checking out these remarkable templates? Use them as inspiration, then build a React project yourself? Or maybe just straight up buy these templates?.

If you have similar websites projects you want to build, why don’t we build it together? Because React is also one of our expertise. Let’s talk about it first, and we’ll discuss how our experienced developers can help your project right here.

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