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Artificial Intelligence is One Of Solution For Your Business

Nowadays information technology have penetrated into the business field. Application of information technology has been applied to national companies and private companies. Some of technology’s applications has caused a new habits in the business field. Almost all business activities have involved technological progress in it. One of the technologies that being used on the business field is Artificial Intelligence, because this technology is considered capable to replace some works that is done by humans, they are: business planning, market trend prediction, sales trends, and business strategy creation. Moreover, Artificial Intelligence technology

Moreover, Artificial Intelligence technology is enable to help business people in making decisions, for example Banking Companies can use Artificial Intelligence Technology to determine the appropriateness of customers in receiving loans (credit). This technology can track their relations and contacts from their social media profiles. Retail, Banking and Travel field are some examples of business fields that have begun to adopt artificial intelligence technology.

Artificial intelligence (AI) or intelligence added to a system that can be arranged in a scientific context or Artificial Intelligence (English : Artificial Intelligence or simply AI ) is defined as the intelligence of a scientific entity . Such systems are generally considered computers. Intelligence is created and inserted into a machine (computer ) in order to do the work as humans can. Some fields that use artificial intelligence include expert systems, computer games (games), fuzzy logic , neural networks and robotics

Although AI has a strong science fiction connotation, AI forms a very important branch of computer science, dealing with intelligent behavior, learning and adaptation in a machine. Research in AI involves making machines to automate tasks that require intelligent behavior. Examples include controlling, planning and scheduling, ability to answer diagnoses and customer questions, and handwriting, voice and face recognition. Such things have become distinct disciplines, focusing on providing real-life solutions. The current AI system is often used in the fields of economics, medicine, engineering and the military, as has been built in several home computer software applications and video games.
Some of application are implementation of Artificial Intelligence Technology that can be used to for your business.

  1. AI Business Intelligence Application

AI programming usage is the business intelligence field. The aspect of business planning refers to their ability to use information in gaining competitive advantage over competitors. Data mining is an important tool in business intelligence, since the fact trend is a very important aspect to increase market share.

  1. Data Mining and Business Strategy

Data mining can analyzes trends, whether they are price trends, sales trends, or the number of accidents in a workplace. Any data are collected, then AI program can be used to predict future developments (For more information on data usage, read mining: The Analytics Text in Data Mining Software). This can be beneficial for smaller companies that need a competitive edge, or a larger business.

There are many different uses for data mining in the creation of business strategies. By using the AI program to analyze business data, owners can gain a broader understanding of their business environment, in order to make better and faster business intelligence decisions. All companies use AI to analyze patterns related to their business to maximize profits, and minimize losses. A retail business can use data mining to find products that sell more on different days of the week, in order to maximize sales. The website owner using data mining to determine which ads are more effective, based on the number of clicks. The casino owner can use data mining to find patterns in slot machine options, in order to change machine placement, and ensure that more traffic goes into more expensive machines.

The influence of information technology indirectly provides solutions that can help business affairs in summary and no longer need to cost so much.


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