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Marketing Influencer Platform is an alternate promotion way


Nowadays social media is very important for most people. Almost every moments is posted of various social media like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. The main benchmark in social media is followers. The more the number of followers indicates that the owner of the account has a fairly good popularity level in social media. It began to be utilized by the online business, especially in terms of product promotion. Previously, digital ads become the definite choice of the online business entrepreneurs to promote their products, but this way is considered less effect because sooner or later netizen more lazy to see the ads on the internet. So online business entrepreneurs are looking for the ways to discover new innovation in product marketing. One of them by social media influence.

Actually this promotion’s way through the influencer is known since 2009. At that time, followers one actor Hollywood able to achieve one million. Then, online entrepreneurs have begun to read opportunities through the system followers, where one person alone can have a strong enough influence for many people (followers). Right now this way is more popular and effective to attract customer than digital advertising.

When some people who are considered influential have many followers. Endorsement parties should be able to find who is most suitable for the endorse and represent the products they promote, and certainly it is considered be able to attract the followers as buzzer buzz phenomenon.

The advantages of influencer marketing is the prospective buyers will more remember the product since the figure they idolized has promoted it. Currently promotion way through influencers can be done more easily through one website influencer marketing platform. By using Marketing Influencer Platform allows the owner of the brand and influencer to meet and work together. In addition, the influencers who have a lot of followers can also help find who will cooperate endorsement with him.

Some of the unique features which is contained in Marketing Influencer Platform are:
1. There is an alternative login way through Facebook.
2. Automatic connect to media social without knowing the password.
3. There is a report of each ads that runs, so advertiser can know about the progress of content that he advertises, Advertiser can find out how the influence of ads run by Buzzer choice.
4. Ad schedule settings, so the ads will be displayed according to the schedule that he set during the posting schedule.
5. There is an email notification if there is a new ad offer for the buzzer.
6. Buzzer list is displayed in advertiser dashboard it is included Information of followers number
7. Advertiser can sort the desired buzzer based on ad category, popularity and price.

1. Marketing Influencer Platform can connect to the business / brand that we have with thousands of buzzer so it can facilitate promotion / advertising process through social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
2. Application of Marketing Influencer Platform is easy to use especially for the beginner because both advertiser and buzzer needs register his account only. Then the advertiser creates content that wants to be promoted, choose buzzer and schedule post. And Buzzer will receive notifications ads offering then s/he will earn an income.
3. There is a report of each ad, you can see the progress of your ad content, so you can find out how much your ad is being run by the Buzzer of your choice.
4. It can save time, because advertisers do not have to search for buzzers on the internet
5. Marketing Influencer Platform provides payment to Buzzer only after the ad content is posted. If rejected or deleted, the fee will be refunded to the advertiser’s advertising balance.
6. Buzzer will earn additional income from social media. Buzzer does not need to bother to monetize social media channel that is owned again so that Buzzer can focus on developing fans and create interesting content.

1. The presence of Marketing Influencer Platform .com can be an alternative way of promotion in social media products because if the product promotion is done by someone idolized, the product will be more easily remembered by the customer.
2. Marketing Influencer Platform is a container that gathers buzzers so they do not need to monetize their social media accounts, so Buzzer can focus on developing fans and creating compelling content.
3. Business owners can more easily choose buzzers that fit their product criteria.

Overall, Marketing Influencer Platform is a solution in Influencer Marketing, because it can bring together the advertise and buzzer to work together quickly, easily and safely so as to benefit both parties.


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