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PASKOMNAS – eCommerce for Agricultural Product

Paskomnas.com – New Innovation, eCommerce for Agricultural Product.

Have you ever thought that agricultural product can be sold by online system? We may think how about that quality. Is it will be rot once deliver to customer? In fact, our client has the best solution to fix it all.

Since June 2016, Paskomnas has launched new eCommerce for Agricultural Product, which will become online central market, they will be ready to fulfill people’s need especially in Jabodetabek and Surabaya. Many kind vegetables, fruits, herb and spices, are sold in Paskomnas’s site. We may think that price will be more expensive than modern market. Well, You no need to be worry, since Paskomnas’s site has offered lower price than other modern markets with good and fresh product as sell in modern market. Paskomnas guarantee that good and fresh products quality will be received by customer in one day.

Paskomnas eCommerce has been developed by using newest technology. It is use Laravel5.2 and WordPress. It enables user to do online order because this system has been integrated with payment gateway, it has filtering feature in order to make user easier to choose products and it can be filtered by all product, vegetables, herbs, and spices or fruits categories. And the interesting feature is the system allows customer to define price based on market location. And now Paskomnas’s eCommerce can be accessed on mobile and web.

Paskomnas has reseller community which is named Teman Paskomnas. They will help to serve all customer order collectively. By this order method fresh product can be received by customer hand very soon.

Paskomnas.comcan be an effective way between farmer and customer to communicate directly. If distribution path is shortened, it can stabilize market price. Paskomnas will develop similar service for wider area. They hope Paskomnas’s site can be accepted by Indonesian’s citizen.

AndSmooetswill always glad to be part of the Paskomnas.com development. Hopefully, this could contribute to the Indonesian eCommerce growth for the upcoming years.


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