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Scrum Programming: What is and How To Do

Have you ever been chased by a deadline meanwhile your application still has many bugs?
Or the project has done but it is not appropriate with client requirement?

Several cases above are familiar to be heard especially for software developers. The demands and pressures from clients and there is no support from team members who provide a way out for the problems they face, is a nightmare they have. Many developers who finally give up because there is no way out to solve the problem. As a result, the project is failed, client will be angry, the worst condition is if client ask for compensation/claim. Then is disadvantages can be finished just by apologizing? Of course, it is totally NO.

Your company must bear the mistakes you make. The company is not only losses in terms of time but they are disadvantaged in terms of cost. Probably your company can be stamped as an unprofessional company. The worst possibility is if they spread bad testimony on social media where everyone can read it.

What is the main problem?
Actually, the core of the various problems above is communication. Yes, communication is a word that is still considered trivial by some people. But the lack of Communication can be a boomerang even be a fatal case if it is not implemented properly.

Is there any Solution?
A good communication solution especially in running software projects is Scrum. This technique began to be adopted not only in software development companies but in various multinational companies as their working standard, generally Scrum succeeded in getting some companies to increase turnover. Scrum makes your work more organized and more detailed.

Scrum and software engineering methods

SCRUM is part of AGILE approach principles, which is based on team collaboration strength, incremental product and iteration process to realize the final result. Meanwhile Agile is one of the software development methodologies that is used in software development. Agile has a sense of being fast, light, free to move, and alert. So when creating software using agile development methods requires good innovation and responsibility between the development team and the client so that the quality of the resulting software is good and the agility of the team is balanced.

The main role of scrum is Product Owner, Scrum Master dan Developer/Scrum Team.

  • Product Owner :
    Product owner is the person responsible for defining the product to be made. In other words, the product owner is the team that creates the “what is feature” that must be owned by the application. They are assigned to write down all the items the app should have.
  • Scrum Master :
    This is someone who assist team members and responsible for solving all obstacles encountered when creating the product. Scrum master is also responsible for the daily scrum implementation, when and how the meeting will take place, besides the scrum master must be able to make the team to be focus on the product-making project and not diverted to other things Scrum Team / Developer team :
    a collection of people responsible for making the product be it a programmer, tester, designer and other related in the manufacturer.
Scrum Framework Test

How to do Scrum

Product owner will start by converting all the wishes of the customer into a product backlog where the product backlog is all the list that related with project, in software development can be in features or system architecture will be created.

Then product backlog will be brought to sprint planning meeting which will be visited by all the team in order to give knowledge to all team members how the system will be made so from there will be made sprint backlog that is what will be done for the development can succeed.

After the sprint backlog is created. it will develop or create system that usually for 1-4 weeks, when the sprint process should not be any interference from outside, team have to follow sprint backlog that has been made.

During sprint implementation, it will be held daily scrum that is attended by all team members to share any problems they faced during yesterday’s development. When sprint implementation period is completed then a review will be conducted which shows which features have been completed in the sprint process that has been done.

Then sprint process will be done with different sprint backlog until all product backlog can be completed, when the team feel the product backlog can be evolved then the team can do it during sprint process.

There are five values to be considered in order that scrum framework can be success to be implemented in a project that is focus, courage, openness, commitment and respect. Each of these values must be owned by everyone who is on the team from the project owner, scrum master and also the scrum team.

Scrum at Smooets

Smooets is one of the companies that apply the scrum technique. In Smooets Scrum technique is done every day for 20 minutes, in order to know progress project done, what problems that is faced of the team members, and together to find solutions to the problems encountered. Because basically teamwork and communication is the key to a team’s success.

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