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Strategies and How to Reduce Operating Costs of Your Business

Allows the availability of capital fund.

Outsourcing is also beneficial to reduce capital investment funds in non-core activities. In exchange for investing in these activities, it is better to contract out in accordance with the needs of the financed operations, not investment funds.

Creating fresh funds.

Outsourcing often does not just contract out certain activities to a third party but is also accompanied with the delivery/sale/lease assets used to perform certain activities. Such assets such as vehicles, garages, transport equipment and lifting and so on. Thus, it will flow into the fresh funds into the company. These funds will increase the liquidity of the company and can be used for other purposes that are more useful.

Reduce and control operating costs.

One of the tactical advantages of outsourcing is possible to reduce and control operating costs. This cost reduction can be obtained from partners and possibly outsource through a variety of things such as its specialty, lower cost structure, large-scale economic (economics of scale) and others.

Solve problems that are difficult to control or manage.

Outsourcing can also be used to treat or oversee case management function that is difficult to control, such as external highly convoluted bureaucracy that must be obeyed by state-owned companies in performing the function of purchases of goods and services, which is impenetrable by ordinary means. This may be solved by contracting only the whole work to third parties, in the form of private not tied to a particular bureaucracy.

From the reasons mentioned above, the data obtained that the reason that most people do because the company wants to focus on core business by 33.75%, amounting to 28.75% for cost savings, amounting to 15% to keep staff turnover, amounting to 11.25% for modernizing the world business and the remainder due to other factors.

Outsourcing system has the advantage that many companies use the services of a vendor to outsource the company in order to improve business performance through the effective management and efficient organization, however, outsourcing system also has drawbacks. The company’s decision to use outsourcing factor is determined by the ability of the company’s resources.

In an IT world, outsourcing method is suitable if the development needs of IT is not a core company but large projects that require high IT expertise. In addition, the company does not have competent human resources and if hiring staff just added operating costs, labor costs, benefits, etc. The Company does not believe can maintain and develop the IT function to meet the needs of increasingly high, re-engineering capabilities, ROI, the ability to adapt to the latest technology and system sustainability.


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