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Top 5 PHP Frameworks for Expert PHP Web Developers in 2022

PHP frameworks are used by web developers to create dynamic websites. They’re also useful for creating applications that need to interact with databases. We’ve selected five popular PHP frameworks that you can use in your next project.

PHP is the most popular server-side programming language in the word and has held this position for more than a decade. Currently, PHP has spawned many PHP frameworks that empower many web developers with the capacity to develop and implement complex and secure web applications.

In this article, we will talk about the best PHP framework that offers developer the ability to build a complex, safe, and comprehensive faster web app than ever. The framework for PHP comes in various shapes and sizes and developer targets with various levels of experience, application requirement, hosting capability, and development timeframe.

In the beginning, let’s take a quick review of the PHP framework and why it can improve the ability of PHP developer to do more: faster, better, and safer. The PHP Framework is a web development architecture that consists of methodologies, security policies and codes and components that can be reused for rapid web application development by eliminating wheel invention. This provides many benefits for developers such:

  • The Inbuilt Model-View-Controller (MVC) web application design pattern ensures separation of presentation (presentations) and logic.
  • Leverage Object-Orient Programming (OOP) methods and tools thereby expanding the capabilities of web applications.
  • Rapid development and implementation proven the best practice.
  • Codes and components can be reused to produce a structure and an easy-to-maintain web application.
  • Developer community and time-tested security policy and availability methods can result from a safer web application.

Here’s the list of the top best PHP frameworks for 2022:

php framework laravel

1. Laravel

Laravel Framework is our number 1 list of the most personal & professional users. Since its unveiling in 2011, it provides PHP developer a huge ecosystem that can be used to make web application development faster and easier.

In addition, many features that make rapid development and deployment can be achieved. A template machine which is called Blade allows a repetitive task such caching, authentication, session, quiet routing, queuing, etc. Developer can also enjoy unhampered development through Homestead – a packed Vagrant box.


PHP framework symfony

2. Symfony

Symfony is regarded as a very stable, high-performing, well-documented, and modular framework. Symfony is another very popular PHP framework that empowers developer with a set of reusable PHP components and code

Symfony is supported by French SensioLabs and has been developed by them as a community into a fantastic framework.


Symfony is used for large-scale enterprise web application development. Symfony is written with stability in mind in a very professional way. Due to its large ecosystem, reusable PHP components, and a very active and involved PHP developer community. In addition, a reusable PHP library can help out to complete many tasks such a template, authentication, routing, object configuration, form creation and many more.

PHP framework Phalcon

3. Phalcon

Phalcon uses the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture design pattern and it’s a PHP stack framework built as an extension of C (in C and C ++ programming languages). Phalcon uses a very little resource compare to any other ways of working, how to use HTTP request very quickly, which is important for the developer to work with a system that does not offer overhead.

Phalcon has been actively developed since 2012, and has component ORM, MVC, caching, and auto-loading. The Latest support has released and supported for PHP 7.

PHP framework codeigniter

4. Code Igniter

CodeIgniter is a great and lightweight PHP framework which is easy to install with no hassle and minimal configuration. Uniquely, there is no strict of MVC design pattern embedded in Model and the Display is optional. However, the Controller class is a must.

Build mature web applications are easy with the small learning curve, and many libraries. Speaking of development in the east, Codeigniter’s documentation is immense, and the community is very broad also very helpful.

Talk about features, CodeIgniter consists of many built-in libraries for unit testing, email, sessions, and more! If you can not find the library you want to use then it is easy to build it yourself, and then share it with the community so others also can use it.

PHP framework zend

5. Zend Framework

PHP Zend framework is used by the enterprise-level project and complex with very nice features, for example, editor drag-and-drop support HTML, CSS and JavaScript, database connection wizard, instant online debugging and unit testing tools PHP and cryptographic coding tools

Zend Framework is built with a set of comprehensive features such a security and performance capability in mind.

Zend is not ideal for rapid application development because it was developed only focusing on enterprise apps that have a property which is controlled by the company with the support of various components such a feeds, forms, services and many more.

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