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Top Tips to Hire a Node JS Developer the Right Way

So you’re planning to hire a Node JS developer. At this point, you will wonder what should you be looking for and what makes an excellent candidate. This article will give you a few critical tips to look out for when you’re finding a Node talent.

What Node JS Is Actually and Why You Need It

Before anything else, it’s important to understand what Node.js is and why you need to take this into account. Basically, Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment that includes everything you have to perform a program written in JavaScript. Thanks to this tool, you can now do much more with JavaScript than only creating websites interactive.

Then, why should we use Node.js in the first place? Node is actually an open source core language that lives on the server side. It makes it possible for a Node JS developer to write applications for a full technology stack without requiring switching when shifting from back-end to front-end development.

What to Look Out When Hiring Node.js Developer

If you have already decided that Node is the best tool for your project, hiring a Node.js developer will be a good choice to develop back-end components, connect an application with the other web services, and others. However, what should you look for when hiring a developer with Node.js experience?

  • Check your candidates’ portfolio

When hiring any developer for your project, it is highly essential to get started by evaluating the potential candidates’ portfolio. If you’re searching for a developer from online platforms, look through their profile carefully and check their previous Node projects to see whether the candidate meets your requirements or not.

  • Make sure your candidate is familiar with various databases

It’s no doubt that there are a lot of database options when it comes to Node.js applications. You should make sure that your Node JS developer is familiar with them. You’ll never know whether you’ll need a relational database or a NoSQL one, so you need to make sure your candidate knows it well.

  • Consider candidates’ experience beyond HTTP

One of the best things about Node is that it can go well beyond a normal HTTP application. That’s why it is recommended to consider whether your candidate has experience using Node.js for things beyond HTTP or not. If they don’t have any, they should minimally have experience with Socket.io.

  • Make sure your candidate is a DevOp

We cannot deny that Node.js is a kind of tricky to organize. There’s no canonical document about how to deal with it since most node deployments have their own requirements. That’s why every Node JS developer must also be a DevOp, the one that is involved in operations.

You should consider whether your candidate understands what to do when there is a crash or not, whether he knows how to scale your application across various database servers or not, and many more. You can consider checking out some challenges involved with deploying Node.js to learn more.

  • Take security into account

Most guides to deploying Node applications out there fail to notice security issues. As a result, there can be some big disasters with regard to Node security in the future. Of course, you don’t want to be one of the victims, so make sure your potential developers know their stuff when it comes to security.

In conclusion, Node.js is a powerful tool that can be helpful in developing your application. For the success of your project, make sure to hire a good developer with Node.js experience. You can use some of the top considerations above to determine your best choice for a Node JS developer.


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