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Why ReactJS and NodeJS are the most used and wanted web technologies?

ReactJS and NodeJS Web Technologies

Choosing which technologies to use for web development project is a challenge. But, that’s not the case when two of the technologies are the most used by professional developers.

That is the case of ReactJS and NodeJS, according to Stack Overflow Developers Survey 2022, from 58,743 professional and learning developers, 47.12% of them used NodeJS and 42.62% for ReactJS. 

While in the “want to work with” survey category, ReactJS is the number one with 22.54%, followed by NodeJS with 16.12%.

Also in 2015, Walmart migrated about 25 apps from Java to React and NodeJS tech stack, and the result were an improvement in website speed and performance. Solid proof of popularity and reliability.

Now the question is what made NodeJS and ReactJS combination popular?

  • Fast development

popular combination of NodeJS and ReactJS - Fast development

ReactJS and NodeJS use JavaScript for both frontend and backend. Without having to use different programming languages, they offer you streamlined and fast development.

Many various backend languages are compatible with ReactJS, such as Java, Python, or PHP, but this means you need different developers for each language. By reducing the number of languages used in a project, you can save time, effort, and resources.

  • MERN Stack

popular combination of NodeJS and ReactJS - MERN Stack

MERN is MongoDB, ExpressJS, React, and NodeJS. This is the technology stack that allows you to build full stack JavaScript web and apps.

Being two of the four technologies used in the most recognized technology stack, it’s no wonder that many new developers wanted to learn ReactJS and NodeJS, thus increasing their popularity.

  • Scalability

popular combination of NodeJS and ReactJS - Scalability

When your project will have high traffic and scale over time, ReactJS and NodeJS is a reliable combination.

They’re wanted by developers and companies because they enable you to develop large, data-driven, and dynamic web applications across multiple devices. 

  • Single Page Applications (SPAs)

popular combination of NodeJS and ReactJS - Single Page Applications (SPAs)

One of the main reason people used React is for Single Page Applications. With its high performance, reusable UI components, and compatibility with NodeJS, building a simple to large scale SPAs ReactJS is what many developers choose.

For developers like us, ReactJS and NodeJS is no doubt a good combination, not only they accelerate our development, they also give us a chance to build an excellent web apps while maintaining high performance.

If that’s the thing you wanted to build or your company needs, make sure to hire the right ReactJS and NodeJS developers, or alternatively you can just hire other team to develop your project.

With Smooets IT Outsourcing, you can temporarily hire web/mobile developers experts to assist your project, or simply hire us to fully work on your project. Let’s discuss what you need and build amazing apps together!.

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