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What kind of trusted IT company?

It’s your worst nightmare: You have to do project presentation to your boss. But the fact is, the work was delayed/unfinished, the result is not in accordance with the desire of your company, or manufacture cost was over budget because of the mistakes above? It frequently happens in other companies that hire IT services. The first mistake is because they don’t know what kind of service companies they hire to work on their projects.

Many times, companies underestimate the fundamental questions, such as: whether the IT company has a legality? The background of resource they hired? Prices, is it compatible with your project? Do they have SLA (service level agreement) rule? What project have they done? So simple, isn’t? But those aspects can affect to your project.

Now we’ll give simply explanations for those questions.

1.      If you want to cooperate with a service company, legality enterprise aspect becomes an important issue. Why that so necessary? Because you’ll be protected by law, and if there is a problem in the future, you can get your rights through a legal process.

2.      Human resource capacity is not the only seen from number of people that will work on your project, but the important thing is the experience aspects from each developer. Ask the company to check the developer to show some samples of their work. This is giving you an idea of the quality of each developer.

3.      There’re many companies offering services at an affordable price. Sometimes you will think do they give excellent quality? Make sure the company you choose is professional and reliable.

4.      In many cases, software application development is always hit by adjustment problems and bug fixes. Here SLA benefit, IT company should be able to guarantee how much time to resolve problems.

5.      If you’ll hire them (company), check reviews and comments written by their customers. This will help you to find out the credibility and professionalism of a company. Ask another client who has used their services and see what the opinions told them.

In the end, you should hire only professional and reliable one for developing your project. You can help your company make a lot of benefits by choosing the right IT service company. Generates your ideas to your trusted company.

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