Learn How to Do Programming Outsourcing the Right Way

Monday May 20

Why Outsource Programming Is the Smart Way Before getting into the details of how to outsource programming, it will be great if you know why this is a good choice for you. Actually, the reason is simple. If you don’t have a good computing background or good programming skill, outsourcing programming or any other IT services is a perfect solution for you.

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Marketing Influencer Platform is an alternate promotion way

Tuesday October 31

Nowadays social media is very important for most people. Almost every moments is posted of various social media like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. The main benchmark in social media is followers. The more the number of followers indicates that the owner of the account has a fairly good popularity level in social media.

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A Quick Introduction to Build Operate Transfer (BOT) IT Outsourcing

Tuesday May 7

Are you wondering what build operate transfer (BOT) IT outsourcing is? If so, you’re not alone. Now that you’re learning about offshore software development outsourcing, there’s no doubt that you’ll come across with this term. Luckily, you’ve been in the right place to find out more about this term.

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Top 3 Reasons For Nearshoring - Programmer Outsourcing

Monday October 10

Before we go further, let me tell you about what is nearshoring. According to Wikipedia’s, nearshoring is the outsourcing of business processes, especially information technology processes, to companies in a nearby country, often sharing a border with the target country. Both parties expect to benefit from one or more of the following dimensions of proximity: geographic, temporal (time zone), cultural, social, linguistic, economic, political, or historical linkages. The service work that is being sourced may be a business process or software development.

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Outsourcing or Offshoring Work: The New Business Trend in 2017

Thursday October 20

Indonesia has emerged as the ultimate IT/programmer outsourcing destination. Many companies from Europe comes to Indonesia to get their job done. Smooets and Walden Global Services is one of the best offshore service providers of IT services. Today various companies, from all the corners of the world, want to get their work done without going through needless office ordeals, so outsourcing or offshoring has caught their attention.

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