Strategies and How to Reduce Operating Costs of Your Business

Monday October 24

Reducing Operating Costs. Is your company experiencing swell spending or, even a loss? Try to check your company expense reports carefully. Many factors make corporate swell spendings, such as a cost of production, operations, distribution or marketing costs. High operational costs but not offset by receipts, for example, will result in a loss. Outsourcing is one of the best ways to reduce your operating cost. Here’s some benefit from outsourcing.

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Europe Starts Sending IT Work to Indonesia

Thursday November 3

Developing countries generally have an average salary higher than other countries. Almost countries in Europe including Netherlands set a $ 15.25 / hour for the minimum salary in IT field. Compared with developing country such as Indonesia, the minimum salary in Europe is very high.

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Break The Myth Of Software Testing

Tuesday February 7

There is a saying “Pay less for testing during software development or pay more for maintenance or correction later”. Although the original goal of software testing was simply to make certain that the software met specifications and didn’t have any gaps, errors, or bugs. In fact, it’s one of the most underrated aspects of software development.

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What kind of trusted IT company?

Friday February 10

It’s your worst nightmare: You have to do project presentation to your boss. But the fact is, the work was delayed/unfinished, the result is not in accordance with the desire of your company, or manufacture cost was over budget because of the mistakes above? It frequently happens in other companies that hire IT services. The first mistake is because they don’t know what kind of service companies they hire to work on their projects.

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Smooets Go React

Monday February 20

Indonesia, mobile phone users has reached 326.3 million users. And we agreed most of mobile users access the Internet through mobile phones. Now, with circulation capable phone internet access, phones are now starting to be ogled the primary choice for brand advertising. As an IT Company, we’re trying to get involved in mobile programming field. Even though our main business is PHP, but the mobile business is something that can not be removed from our list, in fact, many requests of our customer want to develop their website parallel with the mobile.

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